Become an Oxted Stockist

Oxted Resources offers a stock control service on greeting cards. Our spinners are an effective way of displaying cards in a small space and are a flexible vehicle for tailoring the right blend of product to suit the customer.

Stock control

Full responsibility is taken by your Oxted representative to ensure a finely tuned display of cards is selected to suit the individual location and to ensure maximum stock turn is achieved. Regular and careful monitoring is done pocket by pocket with slow sellers exchanged.

For those preferring to select their own card designs, our representatives carry a full sample range, which includes a wide selection of Gifts, Stationery, Party Ware and other associated Paper Products.

How to apply

Visit the registration page to download the credit application form. Complete it and return it to us. If you also wish to purchase products through our website, then return to the same page after your application has been approved and complete the online purchasing account registration form.

What is a concept spinner?

We understand that every customer of ours needs different cards for different folks. After all, a Timaru corner gift store has different expectations to a Auckland university bookshop.

Oxted concept spinners offer either a contemporary, traditional or fine art selection of our latest bestselling cards, selected and serviced by us for your total convenience. If a particular card doesn't sell through, don't worry, we'll take it away and replace it with something that does. Available in both 64 and 96 pocket display sizes, your concept spinner will be regularly serviced and merchandised, meaning more time for you and greater sell through for your business.


Over the past six months Oxted has secured the rights to the UK's bestselling and award-winning contemporary card companies: Ohh Deer, Lagom and Louise & Lygo. Design-led, funny and intelligently mischievous, these brands work well alone, but even better together. We are offering our freshly designed white and gold spinners stocked with just the bestsellers from all of these companies, carefully selected and elegantly merchandised using our market expertise.


There are six card companies in our traditional portfolio that have become classics in the New Zealand market: Noel Tatt, Alex Clark, Sue Janson, Wendy Jones-Blackett, Tracks and Edition Gollong. These longstanding European and Australian suppliers are our best-selling card ranges for the more traditional buyer, Our Traditional concept spinner will feature just the bestsellers, carefully chosen and flawlessly arranged for maximum turnover on our newly minted white and gold spinner.

Fine Art

Oxted is the original supporter and publisher of emerging New Zealand artists, and has been for the last 15 years, Our New Zealand Artist cards are some of Oxted's bestselling ranges. If you combine these with Europe's Almanac, Susan Entwistle and Bekking Blitz cards you have the ultimate commercial art card offering. As with the other concept displays, these will all be beautifully merchandised on one of Oxted's brand-new white and gold spinners.

Become an Oxted Stockist

Sell Oxted products and grow your business. Oxted card spinners are fully managed by your personal sales rep - Find out how


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